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Leah has patiently worked to help my husband with a difficult case of constipation and hemmeroids. She   follows up to check  the juices are helping and has alot of helpful advice for him. After years of chronic constipation my husband B''H is finally healthy again! A combination of juices and dietary changes have been life changing.

Leahs' service is prompt and she works to make the juices theraputic and tasty at the same time.I highly reccomend Mitz Chai juices.

E. Beit Shemesh.

I highly recommend Leah’s juices! Leah is lovely to work with. She really took the time to get to know my needs, preferences, and concerns, and then used her own expertise to create a juice “menu” that was exactly what I was looking for and better tasting than I would have known to ask for. It’s amazing to see the colors lined up in my freezer and know that I’m getting such a variety of nutrients. The juices are any combo of delicious and nutritious, depending on what I’m looking for, and Leah helped me create a balanced menu of the two. Excellent product and excellent customer care ️Rikki, Jerusalem

I am always amazed at the delicious taste of the juices and it excites me to know I am getting so much nutrition in one juice! I look forward to tasting the different flavours and seeing the beautiful colours.Thanks Mitz Chai!

Aaron, Ramat Beit Shemesh

 I was feeling tired and weak and after Covid and I just needed something to help me get back to myself. That's when I discovered Leah's juices.... I started drinking 4 juices a day: 2 green 1 orange and 1 purple, and wow. Just wow. I've not only gotten back to myself, I've surpassed myself! I'm feeling full of energy, eating healthier, feeling energy to go to the gym and sleeping better! These juices have become part of my daily routine and I can't imagine going back. Leah, you are literally a life saver!

Sara Shaposhnik,

Ramat Bet Shemesh

My reboot with Leah was completely life altering! I felt energized and cleansed mentally, physically, spiritually but most importantly I made big diet changes that will Bzh positively impact the rest of my life. I am so grateful for this new life track as well as the support Leah gave along the way.

Chana, Bet Shemesh

I truly enjoyed the experience of doing a reboot cleanse. I feel lighter , and empowered . My skin is glowing and I’ve received multiple compliments on my weight loss. I recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to feel good and reboot thier health. Kelly Jerusalem

I highly recommend doing mitz chai 15 day reboot or even just drinking the juices. They enabled me to loose weight and to feel great. Leah is a pleasure to work with. L. Bet Shemesh

Since drinking Leah’s juices and following a modified reboot, my symptoms of irritable bowel are gone.  No more crippling abdominal pain.  In addition, I feel much much calmer and feel markedly lower stress levels off processed foods, caffeine, and sugar.  Leah’s reboot has been a highly effective way to control my cravings and reset my diet. Dr Chana Jerusalem

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