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Mitz Chai Juice Cleanses

We offer many different kinds of cleanses

Please read on and choose the one which best suits your needs and goals.


1, 3, 5 Day Programme

We offer a 1, 3, or 5 day programme of a juice only cleanse for people who are interested to kick start

better eating habits, begin the healing process and lose some weight.

The cost for women is 120, 360 and 600 nis respectively. This includes 4 juices and 1 ginger shot daily.

Men or women who exercise rigorously require 4-6 juices daily so the cost is adjusted according to how many juices are required.

We also have a breakfast and lunch in a juice for people who want to have one meal a day.

This works very nicely for many people who find a full juice cleanse difficult.


15 Day Juice Cleanse

Our 15 day intense juice cleanse is based on the teachings of Joe Cross from his documentary ‘’Fat sick and nearly dead’’. This programme was designed by him and we have adapted it for the frum


The programme begins with the first 5 days in which  the body gets ready for a juice only cleanse. These 5 days include 2 juices a day and a menu and recipes for plant based meals. It also includes an audio visual programme.

When the 5 days are over the programme moves into a juice only cleanse of between 1 and 10 days depending on the needs and goals of the client. Genreally i recommend beginning with a 3-5 day juice only cleanse.

Then there is a transition period  back to food over 7 days introducing new foods daily and seeing how the body responds to them.

The programme acts as an elimination diet so you can see how your body responds to different

foods when they are reintroduced. There is a full menu with recipes for the 7 days.

The 15 day programme costs 250 and the cost of juices for 15 days depends on the length of the juice only cleanse.

It is recommended to check in with your doctor before doing a juice only cleanse.

We run whats app support groups for women [at no extra cost] who feel they would benefit from the support of a group when doing the 15 day cleanse.

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have or to place an order.Looking forward to joining you in your journey to wellness!


Leah Mitnick


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